Builders are you installing the best value PVCu sash windows?

build-pvcu-sash window

Supporting the construction sector takes experience and knowledge. A great PVCu sash window is a good starting point but we know there are times when you need so much more. In this is article you can learn why we created the Build PVCu sash window specifically for you the builder. The Build sash window has […]

How to measure for your new PVCu sash windows?

stanley powerlock 5m tape measure

If you would like to order your first PVCu sash window or you are in the trade looking for some expert tips, our comprehensive pro-guide “How to measure for your new PVCu sash windows” will help you measure and order with confidence. In this article: Tools to measure for sash windows like a pro Measuring […]

Best 7 fixings and fasteners for PVCu windows

Used to fix your PVCu windows in place, fixings and fasteners are an important part of the process of installing PVCu windows. There are many different types hopefully this blog entry will help you to choose the right one for the job at hand. Fixing Types Wood Screws Self tapping screws Fischer bolts Anchor bolts […]

PVCu windows and the year 1838?


Must know info about the origins of PVCu windows. Residencial PVCu windows were first sold commercially in Europe as early as 1954, developed from the base material PVC. Generally it’s considered a relatively modern material with thousands of commercial uses in many industries, from fashion clothing to medical supplies. In fact PVC is one of […]