About Windows Delivered

How we make the difference?

Our buying process offers you fantastic discounts. When buying through Windows Delivered you automatically become part of a group of buyers including homeowners, builders, trades, retail and property developers – people who need an assured, fast service.

Together we create excellent buying power and place bulk orders in one manufacturing account to save you money and avoid all the pitfalls of one-off or small orders.

The history

Windows Delivered was founded in 1998 as a small, family-run local window company supplying installing windows with the ethos of the customer comes first. Our success came through word-of-mouth recommendations and great customer relationships. But we were small fry to the manufacturers.

Bulk buying power

As a small company we found it increasingly difficult to be competitive. Our buying power was limited by the size of the orders we were placing, so we decided to take a different approach. All small buyers have the same problem and have little leverage with the manufacturers when things go wrong. Now we amalgamate our orders and as a result we can offer the best possible discounts and response times.

Today we are Windows Delivered